We heard more than once 'I thought it's a hoax'.

The construction of CYBERTATTOO and PARLOUR MAID was finished by the end of November 1996. We've had the opportunity to present our art work at a few international locations. We even won the first (and only?) 'internet art' award of the Hamburger Kunsthalle in 1997.

Press release for the first public presentation on Nov. 23rd, 1996 in Berlin

cybernetic tattooing - the mythology of travelling the sea as u.s. american epics: mayflower, boston tea party, philadelphia experiment, netscape navigator 3.0: the essential historical events of the new world happen under the heading of navigational techniques. whereas harbours used to be the plug-ins for the storage medium body, today the tattoo gifs are being culturally interchanged at #tattoopics. that's how one imagines it. deriving from information emerging from pictures up to picture emerging from information. the metaphor of the netscape stirring wheel is worth java gold at CyberTattoo.

Presenting CyberTattoo

  • 22. - 27.Sep.97 - Chicago, ISEA97
    International Symposium for Electronic Arts. Friday the 26th of Sep; 4.15-5.45 pm in the 'Board of Trade Room'.
  • 14.Sep.1997 - Hamburg, Extension (Hamburger Kunsthalle)
    As part of the 'internet art' competition: presentation of the machine at work. 13.00 CET, Hamburger Kunsthalle.
  • Jul.1997 - Newport, Consciousness reframed
    Symposium: art and consciousness in the post-biological era. An invitation which placed CyberTattoo in an unexpectedly *uploading identity* environment. however, very illuminating.
  • 2.Dec.1996 - London, stalk @ backspace
    As part of a series of talks and presentations we had the chance to present CyberTattoo within the context of internet-art and -curatorial concepts.
  • 23.Nov.1996 - Berlin, luxus cont.
    The first presentation was staged in Berlin. Even though the software wasn't quite there (yet) we had everything up and 'running'...