(Before I bore you with my guitar workshop: useful stuff - wiring diagram for closed 3-way switch and Fender Noiseless Gen3 - you can find at the end of this page :)

A neighbour in the village gifted me a guitar neck when I was a teenager. “It’s from a Telecaster”, he said. My empty eyes urged him to add: “Bruce Springsteen is playing one.” So I took a bus to the next bigger city to copy the outline of Bruce Springsteen’s Telecaster from the Born To Run cover.

For the better or the worse, my disrespect of iconic design lead me to mangle the pickguard with a fretsaw in order to fit two low budget pickups - where the Tele only has one… A push/pull volume pot (no tone) switched between the two pickups. The body I cut from two shelf boards.

For decades, I never played it - but always kept it. I never played it because of my all encompassing dislike of the Fender Stratocaster. I just really hate that design, the shape, the pickguard, the single coils. The Tele suffered from these feelings - being a Fender herself. Soundwise, I fall in the middle between Humbucker and Single Coil: I love the P-90 sound.

Telecaster wiring diagram closed 3-way switch

(Images see below)

The closed 3-way switch has a different internal layout than the factory Fender 3-way switches. See diagram below for a picture of the closed switch. If you get confused which way round you should use the switch: don’t worry, because it’s symetrical, you can install it either way. Just make sure the neck connects with the side of the 3-way switch which points towards the neck, and the same for the bridge.

Note: the two A connections are internally connected already, so you don’t need to solder them together.