The formal similarity between the kind of free radio practiced by certain Mini-FM stations during the 1980s, and more contemporary social urban wireless networks, presages further resonances between the two systems. Wireless Cultures will aim to draw out these connections.


Welcome and introduction

Honor Harger, Tate Modern

Radio vs Wireless

Micz Flor will present a brief sketch of the history of radio and radio art, exploring selected creative and subversive interventions. Starting just a few years before radio was invented, he will lead through some of the main objectives of radio practice today, to arrive at the entrance of the afternoon session - wireless technology.

The Phenomenology of Wireless Technologies

Tetsuo Kogawa will undertake a performance-lecture in which he will construct a series of Mini FM transmitters on stage and perform with them using them as 'radio theramins'. He will also consider the historical context of the Mini-FM movement in Japan.