Scattered Frequencies

Developing independent radio networks

Scattered Frequencies is an ongoing documentary project, following independent radios in different stages of their development. It attempts to illustrate possibilities and difficulties of establishing independent radio networks.

Scattered Frequencies: Nepal (2001)

Only recently, the Nepalese government started issuing licenses for independent radio stations. Since then, a group of journalists have been pooling resources and efforts towards establishing a self-sustainable media network for the only widely accessible medium in Nepal: radio.

Scattered Frequencies: Indonesia (2002)

Documentary on radio networking

Over the past years, radio68h developed a network of over 300 radio stations acoss Indonesia. Discover a country which spans across time zones and thousands of islands and see how radio has proven to be the most accessible and adequate medium for independent media. Radio68h uses a tactical combination of online, wireless and satellite technology to achieve their goal: independent news for the fourth largest country in the world.

Scattered Frequencies: Armenia (2005)