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Sharing WiFi over Ethernet

Your PC / laptop is online via WiFi and you want to share connectivity via the ethernet cable.

Type in the terminal:

  • select the ethernet connection
  • click the cog wheel at the bottom (settings)
  • select the tab IPv4
  • select in the pulldown the method: “shared to other computers”.
  • Hit Save - and DHCP should be available over the ethernet cable to another machine

More about nm-connection-editor

List all IP addresses used on a network

To list all IP addresses used on a WiFi network, this will scan the possible IP addresses from ro

nmap -sn 192.168.178.*
  • -sn option tells Nmap not to do a port scan after host discovery, and only print out the available hosts that responded to the scan.

Install: sudo apt-get install nmap

More about nmap

Certbot for https

certbot --apache -d -d

To obtain a new or tweaked version of this certificate in the future, simply run certbot again with the “certonly” option. To non-interactively renew all of your certificates, run “certbot renew”.